Founded on 1 November 1931, the Koninklijk Fanfare Orkest Volksopbeu­ring Massemen (KFOVM) has become one of the most prominent music bands in (East-)Flanders. Today, the orchestra counts about 65 schooled musicians and is led by conductor Diederik De Roeck, a very experienced and ambitious professional musician. Since 1994 the band rehearses in their own rehearsal hall (the so called ‘muzieklokaal’) at the town square of Massemen.

Volksopbeuring regularly participates in provincial, national and international concert contests. In 1963 the orchestra took part in the provincial tournaments for the first time and achieved a place in the third division. This was the start of a great progress, which has led to the status the band has today. In 2008 the fanfare band promoted to the superior division – the highest possible division in Belgium – in which they are classified ever since.
In the concert contests of the Flemish Music Organisation (Vlamo) Volksopbeuring achieved no less than 4 National Champion titles in 1998, 2000, 2003 and 2010, respectively in the excellence division, 2 times honour division and superior division!

Since 2001, KFOVM participated 6 times in a row in the 4-yearly World Music Contest (WMC) in Kerkrade (NL); the world championships of wind music. In 2022 the band became thirth with a gold medal in the international 2th division.

Each year Volksopbeuring performs at concert-assignments and organises many concerts and events itself. The yearly highlight takes place in November, when KFOVM organises a big concert in theme (e.g. radio, film music, fairy tales, humor, Excalibur & King Arthur, the smartphone,…) or collaborates with a famous soloist.

Furthermore the band has been on multiple concert tours: Växjö – Sweden (1998; European Capital of Culture), Going – Austria (2001; music festival) , Valetta – Malta (2004; for joining the EU), Slavkov, Brno & Prague – Czech Republic (2011; music festival), Oetz – Austria (2014; invitation Ötz Toerismus) and Schladming – Austria (2019; MidEurope Festival)

Volksopbeuring recorded 2 professional CD’s. The first one ‘Progression’ in 1999 and the CD ‘Trias’ in 2006 on the occasion of their 75th anniversary. This was a collaboration with two other bands. For more recent recordings visit our YouTube-page.


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